About Us

We are a "one of a kind" program- ONE gym, ONE dream ONE family.

We offer recreational, prep, and All-Star Cheerleading for individuals of all ages. With a unified philosophy and a strong sense of family, The Calgary Stars stands out as the premier Cheerleading Gym in  Western Canada, boasting a track record of success and expertise.

Our dedicated staff members at The Calgary Stars are committed to teaching the latest techniques in the industry, prioritizing safety and ensuring a sustainable athletic journey for all participants. In the supportive atmosphere of our gym, athletes are encouraged to work hard, cultivate a positive work ethic, and embrace accountability, fostering lasting friendships and creating cherished memories. Through this process, we not only shapes individuals into champions but also nurtures their character development.

Our Coaching Team

Our coaching team is comprised of incredible individuals whom are all certified in:

  • CRP & First Aid
  • NCCP- Making Headway In Sports, Planning a Practice, Safe Sport,
  • Make Ethical Decisions
  • International Cheer Union Certification Program
  • Criminal Record Check (18 and over)

Their passion for the sport and love of teaching children have brought them to Stars to join our "one of a kind" program!

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